Monday, February 13, 2012

My first time at tech

This was my first time at technology, I was in wood work.
At first we lined up in the street (the Intermediate part of the school ). The year 7's got into three lines they were electronics, food and hard material. From Pt England to Tamaki college we all walked. Mr Grundy welcomed us as we entered the school. He took his class to the work shop and told us a bit about him self. He handed as a booklet to fill in. We drew 5 things that we could make out of wood some of my ideas were to make a car, drawer, boat, pencil holder and recipe holder. Then at the end I decided to make a drawer. If the result are good at the end, I will post a picture on my blog!

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  1. Hi Jasmine
    That was cool at Tech.I was in Hard Materals.I had fun did you.Hopefully we can make somthing tommrow.I want to make a space car.
    Keep up the good work


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