Monday, November 18, 2013

My Friends

Rita is one of my close friends out of school she is loud, outgoing, funny, sporty and trustworthy. She is one of the prefects at our school. We’re both involved in Kapa haka and are in the same net ball team. One of my favorite memories of us is that at her birthday we went for a morning walk where we talked and had a feed. She loves chocolate and One Direction.

One of my best friends at pt england school is Tui. She is smart, sporty, and loves to laugh she also loves to tell jokes that aren’t funny but it’s hilarious when she cracks up from them. She is loud, outgoing and loves to eat. One of my favorite memories with Tui has to be when we went to fortuna for my birthday and ate dinner there.

Another of my friends are Roezala. She’s quiet and loud and also loves to laugh. We are both involved in Kapa haka and Net ball and she is also a Kickboxer. One of my favorite memories with her is at Net ball when we playing against D.I.O.  We lost because the other team cheated because of the reef. It was dumb because they still let DIO win.

Huelo-ata and I go way back. We were both in the same class since 2007-2011.  She is smart, sporty and is a house captain for Tainui. She loves One Direction and  her favorite members are Niall and Harry, her favorite songs are  “Story of my life and Little things.”  

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