Friday, May 31, 2013

Should P.E Be Removed From School

No! 1 in 12 children are obese or overweight due to lack of exercise. P.E is hated by some of the children but it increases your fitness levels. Exercise is a way to socialise and become more aware of the fitness that you will need when you grow up. P.E will decrease the chances of being obese.

P.E stands for “Physical Education”. Physical is when you use your body in a moving way. When you exercise you breathe faster to circulate your blood and to bring oxygen to your body

There are different kinds of ways to do P.E: playing sports (eg:Soccer, Netball, Rugby) and running around. You are also taught how to use different types of exercises that will motivate you to become fitter.

The benefits of P.E are socializing, less chances of being obese or overweight and being proud of yourself, by the way you look and talking to other people. Having that confidence makes you become more positive about yourself!

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  1. Hi Jasmine
    Nice story I really liked it you showed heaps of information about P.E.
    From Ashlee


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