Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Man On A Beach

Walking upon a beach full of memories, remembering the wonderful thoughts of his past. Chris was his name. Chris and his wife used to come to that beach every holiday with their grandchildren. Sadly his wife passed away a few years back. He took a big breath and smelt the salty seas. The feeling of sand underneath his feet reminded him of the great memories they had there. Looking down at his feet, dazzling little crystals shone back at him. Walking among the shore-line every step was like a flash of a memorable moment that had happened on that beach.

He kept walking when suddenly he saw something...He walked down to a cave. He was looking down to see what was there, when suddenly he slipped. He didn’t know what to do so he tried to climb out. It was too slippery for him to climb. He started calling out for help. “Help! Please anybody, HELP ME!” He calmed down and took two deep breaths.  He felt the sides of the cave and dragged his hands to find his way around.

He stumbled across a path which he followed hoping it would lead him to an exit. The further he went the lighter the cave became. He thought he was going to heaven. He even thought to himself that he would be reunited with his wife. He was looking for his wife but all that was there was a box! “What’s in it?” he thought. It had a few cracks in it but it was in quite good condition. He opened it and didn’t believe what he saw... “No... It can’t be? No it’s not really treasure, is it?” He took a coin out and bit it to see if it was real. “It’s fake.... Do I taste chocolate?” He gazed upon it with disbelief, He grabbed another one, clenched his teeth and took a big bite and it didn’t break. “What?” The top layer was chocolate and underneath that the rest was real gold. He looked around and saw a door with a funny looking lock. It was shuffle puzzle all mixed up and he had to solve it to get out of their of to get to civilization.

He knew that he was going a little blind, “This is going to take a long time” he grumbled quietly. He grabbed the lock determined to get it unlocked. He took a deep breath in and focus all of his concentration on the keypad. Slowly he moved the puzzle pieces. He stepped back and waited for a little while, to see if it was correct. The door opened with a loud screeching sound.

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