Friday, December 13, 2013

Net Book Reflection

Having my netbook available for the last few years has helped me in many ways. Finding new sites has been a big help with my work such as Math, Reading, Writing and creative strand(Art and movie making). Taking my netbook home helps me catch up with work I didn’t complete or need more work on. Going to a place where wifi is available helps me connect to google docs.

Using google docs helps me with my writing, I can write stories and then post them on my own personal blog, where viewers around the world can read my stories. During math time we use sites such as Math Whizz and Xtra Math and sometimes studyladder. Math Whizz helps teach a load of math problems like Geometry, Ratios, Divisions and more. Xtra Math helps with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and speeds your mind to think quicker.

Using my net book has helped me and my parents alot. At home we have alot of technology things like Tablets, Computers and Iphones. We all Learn, Create and Share on each device at home. We each have a Google email where we can email each other.

This year I have enjoyed working with netbooks. It has been a massive change in my learning as well as what I do at home. Thank you to the Mr and Mrs Burt for believing in the new age of technology. Also a big thanks to the Manaiakalani for funding our school to use net books. I will take the skills I’ve learnt here and use them in future events.

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