Friday, August 23, 2013



Anxious, Nervous and excited all these feelings were going through my mind, while trying to remember the chants for Mataatua. Cross-Country was today and Shoal and I had planned to run together. Unlike the fun run we only had to run 3.5km but for the fun run we had to run 5km.

Getting ready the House captains and House leaders got changed. The girls and I went to the toilets and changed. We painted our face and legs in our house colours which were: Te Arawa(Red), Tainui(Blue), Takitimu(Yellow) and Mataatua(Green).

Out to the hard courts the house captains and house helpers went out with their flags. The bell rang and the House captains/helpers lined up. Rushing to get Vivienne and Brooklyn up to the front for our prefects helpers they ran up to Mataatua.Going across from team to team Te Arawa copied Mataatuas chant. We were trying to quickly think of a better chant but we just repeated the one they did but with more enthusiastic.

The races started and the House Captains/helpers went to the finish line. The 5 year old boys started and we all ran to see who was coming first. Going up the ages by the time we knew it was time for the year 8 girls to run. Looking for Shoal I hurried to the starting line and found shoal. “On your makes. Get set.”SNAP and off we were.


  1. Hi Jasmine I really like your story about cross country day. It was cool on cross country day. Keep up the good work Jasmine and keep posting on your blog.

  2. Hey Jasmine,
    Cross Country was awesome, wasn't it. I enjoyed reading this. It had great vocab and long and short sentences. Keep up the awesome work Jasmine.


  3. Hi Jasmine,
    I really liked reading your story. I liked the variation of your sentences and your vocabulary. I also enjoyed cross country and I would gladly run with you again. Nice Work Jasmine!



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