Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize giving 2013

Last night was prizegiving we where a hit, we blew the roof off the building. Just before 7:00pm the Kapa Haka group meet in the music room. The Kapa Haka group and I meet up and warmed up our voices by singing one of our maori waiata Mr G wrote personally for our pt england school Kapa Haka group. Standing outside of the hall awaiting the words to say we could go on stage we all had butterflies in the pit of our stomachs, walking up the stage we sang out waiata with kia kaha.  Coming down from the stage we rushed down to get to our seats before the year 5’s started their dance.

Sitting by Rita the year 5’s and year 6’s awards and dances pasted. The year 5’s dance was cool because they incorporated the theme of Pitch perfect and Beyonce. The year 6’s danced to a remix of songs and it was really cool. They had cool upbeat songs and danced to songs like dubstep and skrillex.

The awards for the year 7 and 8’s where up. Going through the classrooms for team 5 the awards where 100% Attendance, Best Effect  and Citizenship. My name got called for Best Effect for room 21. Later on I got an award called  pay it forward from Tamaki Primary and outstanding serves to the school.

Overall I really enjoyed this years prize giving. I won three awards and I really liked seeing the the year 7’s preform. After we sang Rita and I ran to our lollies and awards on the ground because of this little girl was taking our lollies and playing with our trophies. At the end of the night my Mum and Dad were proud of me and they gave me 10$.  Thank you to Pt England school for all the memories and the great times I’ve spent here, I will miss you.

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