Monday, November 14, 2011

Camp Benson

Arriving at Kawau was so exciting. I couldn't believe that we were there! Talking to my friends saying how excited we were to be there. I was so exciting .
Burma Trial is hard but fun. But if your not careful you will get injured like me. You will have a partner that will lead you through the course. There will be a rope that will guide you. One partner is blind folded and the other instructs you through the trial. My partner was Huelo-ata I lead her through the course first. Then it was my turn to get blind folded, I was nervous because it was hard leading Huelo-ata through so I imagined how hard leading me through! Then bump I hit my head in to a tree, tears started to rush out of my eyes I stooped and took the blind fold off and then I put it back on and carried on. We did finish the trial with out getting hurt but I did end up with a bump on my nose.
Are you confident to do the confidant's course? At Camp Bentzon there is a confident course or for short con course. There you will do challenging activates and learn 3 points of contact. When you reach the top you have to put your arms and legs around the pole or what ever that is at the top,that is called hug your mama. I liked the con course because it is all ways nice to give it a go.
Kayaking is so hard but fun! One windy day we went Kayaking. The waves were rough and it was tough. We didn’t get to go to any Island like some other teams because the waves were to rough to kayak but we did get to play this game. I don’t know what the game was called but how we played this game was two people are in there kayak and they have to craw to the other persons kayak and Kingston fall off.

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