Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Netbook reflections

This year I have enjoyed my netbook! Why? There are a lot of good reasons. It is fast and easy to get information, you don’t have to waste your time finding a pencil or paper because, it is like having all of your books in one.

As much as I have loved having a netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked, Some times I have been having problems when I start my netbook when it shows the manaiakalani logo, it freezes. So it takes up some for my time when I have to wait for it to work. Another problem is when the internet is slow and I have to wait.

I have improved in my writing because my netbook has a lot of options for me to practice. How? When I spell a word and it is wrong it under lines that word and gives me some options, that helps me save time finding a dictionary finding the letter and searching for the word.

I think I am cyber smart although early in the year I was sneaky and played games. I still play games on my netbook but in the right place and in the right time. It is better to be safe then sorry and go on the right sight.

If the netbook system failed and we were to go back to old school, pencil and paper it will be boring . But if it does work and we have many more chances with our netbook that would be great.

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