Friday, February 22, 2013

FiaFia Assembly

Teachers greeted with lei’s from Osanna. While all the kids sat down. Thinking to myself  “Why didn’t I get one” but then I thought then everyone else would want one.

Far out  when Uili,Henry and Hosannah started singing, Man they were good. They could be stars one day. Like Justin Timberlake or Flo Rida. Ms M came out and told the kids to click their fingers while they were still singing but we clapped, I don’t know why but we did.

It all went quiet and then out of nowhere Kingston came out with a conch shell. He took a  big breath and blowed into the conch shell. He tried but it was quiet and  so some people laughed. Blowing the conch multiple times it turned out the same.

Gabriel came out all dressed up in a piupiu, holding a taiaha .Then Rita came out in a traditional ie tonga, which is a tongan mat. While she was dancing, like a mythical creature the dragon came out walking around the stage.

Fiafia is sure to be fun. Watching those acts was marvelous. I’m not sure what I should join but I’m sure I’ll find something.

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