Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspiration

This year a team called Future aspiration  came to our school. Future aspiration brings workers in to our school where the team 5  student  all listen to what  they do for work.  They tell you what they enjoy about their jobs and the excitement that comes with them. They also tell you what they had studied in colleges to help them with them get the job.

My aspiration for the future is to work for movies. I enjoy filming and editing movies at the moment and I honestly would love to do that as a job in the future. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the natural greenery, so I’d like to film the natural things but as well as the existing action things things  as the really enjoy filming at school and I would like to carry on filming once I’ve grown up.

My friend Huelo-ata’s aspiration is to be a police officer. She has thought hard about what her aspiration is and I think that is a great job for her. She is strong and aggressive and is willing to fight crime, she also loves solving mysteries.

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