Friday, July 20, 2012

Goals for Go for Gold

Go for Goldis our motto this term. A motto is a phrase of a short sentence.   What do you think go for gold means? Well, I think it’s another way of saying “If you work hard you can be the best you can be.”

We were given a task to find out what we're not really good at,  or what we want to improve in.  We have to do it physically not mentally so... I have taken the challenge to learn how to play (drum roll please) Tennis! Yes, I have picked Tennis because I've never played this sport before and I really want to get better at playing it, plus it looks really cool to play.

How I will achieve this goal. Well I will do a test at the start to see if I can hit the ball correctly and see how good I’m playing.  By Practising I will eventfully be perfect.

Thanks to Ramona for reading my work, and helping me with my mistakes. I would also like to thank tui.

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