Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do It Your-self?

DIY ... For the people that dont know what DIY stands for it means, Do it yourself. Doing things yourself that you don't know how to do, is hard!

Have you seen those dip dye t-shirts? They look really cool to me.  Since this term is all about Toy story I thought I could make a dip dye t-shirt for my cosin.

Some readers might say a t-shirt isn't a toy! Well my cousin is a teenager and teenagers don’t really have toys that they can play with unlike little kids.

I know that this will be a challenge. But I accept that challenge. The budget is under $5 or you could find it at home. The Dye is $2 so I have $3 left. I have made up a list of things I need: Plain White T-shirt, Coat Hanger, Bucket, Hottest tap water, Detergent, Stick or something to mix tops with, Dip Dye~Blue, Gloves, Timer and Salt.

I have sketched out a design on a paper and drew what the finished product should look like. So far I think it looks really

Tyler and I decided to work together on our project. The only difference is that she’s donning shorts. If you would like to visit Tyler's blog and read her post on Dip Dye. Stay tuned as I will do another post on this when I’m finished.

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