Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Netbooks

Kia Ora, and welcome to my blog! My name is Jasmine as you may know, I go to Pt england school. Pt England has recently been made a Intermediate, so now it is an Intermediate and Primary school.

Pt England School is apart of the manaiakalani program, schools around our cluster use netbook and chromebooks to learn. We don’t just use netbooks and chromebooks we also go old school sometimes (back to the old books and pencils.)  We can do alot of things on our netbooks.

The reason I love using my netbooks is because, there is alot of websites that can help us with Math, Reading and Writing. Math Whizz and xtra math helps me with math. Writing on our own individual blogs help us to get better at writing and going on studyladder can teach us reading.

Our netbook is a great tool. There's so much ways that they help us. Our school is cybersmart. We learn to be safe and wise on the internet. We learn that were not invisible and we can be traced on whatever.

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