Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Sandwich

Pt England School Investigates, that is the topic for this term. In team 5 our main focus is “My Healthy Kitchen Rules.” So far we’ve learnt about obesity and how bad food can affect your health and how it can block your arteries, which also lead to death.

We had to get into a groups for our next task. In my group was Ashleigh, Vivienne, Shoal, Tauwhare and me, our task was to make a healthy sandwich. We planned, talked and gathered information about what we wanted in our sandwich.

Sausages, Lettuce, Mayo, Cheese and brown bread, doesn’t that sound nice? Our feedback was great.  The main thing people didn’t like was lettuce and the most favored thing was the taste and flavors. We asked them if it was healthy and they replied yes.

Overall they enjoyed our sandwich and liked that is was healthy. At the end of the term a group from each class is going to go head to head with other class groups for a cook off. I think we have a good chance of being that group for the cook off.

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