Monday, September 16, 2013

Team 3 Highlights

This season we have had 15 games of netball. I am in Year 8 Team 2 and our couch is Miss Edie we have done well this season we have had 12-wins 1-draw and 2-losses. We came 3rd this year 2ed place was DIO and 1st place was Holy Cross.In a netball team we have 8-9 players we have 7 on the court and have 2 subs or 1. The game is 45 minutes, we have 4 quarters each 10 minutes long. On court we have 3 attacks, 3 defence and have 1 both attack and defence.Netball is a fun outdoor winter sport that I enjoy alot.

This term we have had  several sessions of basketball. It has been fun going and learning about the rules and how to play the right way. We have learnt the hand signals and the meaning behind them. I have had so much fun playing and learning  about basketball.

This term our topic is Life’s a stage and our DLO is to show a historic life event. I’m with makayla and our event is the twin towers. This is a cool topic. I’m really hooked on to this event and can’t wait to finish the movie. I really want to see our ending results.I think our movie is going to be great.

This term was my birthday. My birthday is August 16th and my birthday was on friday.  Mr Burt called for Me and 2 others to stand in the front of assembly and the school sang happy birthday to us and it was really nice.This term has been a great term. I have had alot of fun with sports and learning.

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