Friday, October 18, 2013

Good bye Pt England

Sadly it’s the last year here at pt england for the year 8s. As sad as we all are to leave were also happy and excited to go to college. Most of the year 8 have been here there whole life, so it’s really sad to leave.

I’ve also  been here my whole life. At the end of the year it will be sad to leave because of all the loving teachers and my close  friends. Pt england is a loving school and it will be a hard to say goodbye, I hope college is the same.

Next year we will be at college, everyone is going to different colleges so we won’t be seeing our friends as much. I will be going to AGGS(Auckland Girls Grammar School) a group of girls from Pt england are going there as well.

9 or 8 more weeks till the holidays the difference is we won’t be coming back. I’m so scared for college but I’m happy that I’m growing up and learning more. So for now good-bye

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