Friday, October 25, 2013

The Differance Between Auckland and Syria

Auckland morning:
Awoken by my brother tugging at my blankets I breathed a low sigh of annoyance. I had no luck trying to get rid of him. I got up slowly and took my time getting ready for school. I dragged myself to the kitchen and made myself breakfast.

Syria morning:
Waking up to a loud shotgun going off, I laid there wondering what possibly could happen today. Forcing myself to get up I wanted to lay there the whole day and forget about the war. I quickly tiptoed quietly past the other sleeping families.  As I stepped out of the house I could see debris  and armed soldiers everywhere.

Auckland day:
Entering school I arrived to see my friends. Walking towards them we entered the classroom and went to our seats, greeted by our teacher  we got our Netbooks out.”Okay class please close your net books and look at the board!” We turned our attention to the board as we learnt about our topic ‘What in the world is going on?’

Syria day:
As he walked past the school he whispered “another day and I’m not going to learn”. Hearing the students laugh and seeing them learn, he wished that he was in there learning and laughing like them. Ever since the war began, he had to go to work to help his family survive.  

Auckland night:
Coming home I threw my bag on the floor as I lazily flopped into my bed. Hearing my mother call for me I walked following her voice to the lounge. My mother had made dinner and we all sat around the table eating and talking about our day at school and work.

Syria night: Coming home to our cold house, my mother was already in bed. She had been working all day.  I could tell she was tired by her heavy breathing and the bags around her eyes. Trying not to wake her up I laid next to her thinking “Tomorrows  another day!” while shutting my eyes hoping and praying for a better day.

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