Tuesday, June 19, 2012

London Olympics

The Olympics are coming up and I am so “EXITED! “Did you know that the olympics are held every 4 years?” It’s not always held in the same place...

This year the olympics are being held in London. London... What a great place to have it. With the Big Ben you're sure to know when each event is on!

The sport I’m looking forward to is Equestrian. I am a fan of Equestrian because of the horses. I love animals! Along with all the jumps and tricks, I think those trainers and horses are amazing.

At the london olympics there are three things they have to show what they have trained their horses  , Eventing and Jumping. Each discipline requires different skills from the riders and horses competing.

I got these images from Their are facts, pictures, games and a schedule to tell you when every event is on. To help you say some of the hard words I have broken it down “e·ques·tri·an”.

A special  thanks to ramona for editing my work and giving feedback about my writing.
She really helped me alot.

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