Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a must read book... If you are looking for a story with adventure and excitement then this is a book for you!

This term every reading group is given a novel. Our group Trumps was given Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. There are 34 or so pages in there to read so that is sure to keep us busy. Oh I forgot to tell you we aren't reading our novels on books, were reading it in a digital format. How cool is that?

Percy Jackson is a twelve year old boy and he’s a troubled kid! His class went on a field trip to an old Greek museum. Did I mention that he has a bad reputation on field trips! Well he does! Once he hit the wrong lever on the catwalk and his class took an unplanned swim,
and before that he had an accident with a war cannon, "I wasn't aiming for the bus" he said.  

Percy Jackson is the main character of course and Grover, his best friend. That is all of the characters that we have heard about so far. We haven’t quite meet the other characters. But I'm sure there just waiting for adventure!

We haven’t read the whole book yet, but so far it is really funny. The reason why I think it’s funny is because in the start he tries to convince you to close the book!

Thanks to Ngametua for helping  me overlook my writing for any mistakes and reading this over with me. I have erased my mistakes and made it all better she said "loved it!"

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