Thursday, June 28, 2012

My christmas suprise

Christmas morning, waking up. One present in particular was from my mum to my dad and I. Feeling the parcel “What is it?” I said to myself! Mum made us guess what we thought it was, we couldn't guess, so I carefully started to open it and...
It was a baby top! “Why did you give us this mum” I froze and looked at her. “you’re going to be a big sister!” Said my Mum in a calm voice. I could feel a big smile coming across my face. “What is it ”I said loudly. But we didn’t know then.

“I was right.” Why did I say I was right? Well, when we went to the baby scan my Mum asked if we could guess if baby was a Boy or a Girl. Only I guessed correctly!
Which name do you prefer Jaxson or Toran? That should tell you what gender the baby is but if you don’t know, it’s a boy!

My Mum is 39 weeks and that is close to giving birth. He is due on July the 7th, the day after my cousins birthday and a month before I turn twelve. I can’t wait for him to come, I hope he doesn't keep us waiting too long. I think I would be a lovely big sister.
He could come any minute. We already decorated his room and it looks fantastic, if I may say so myself. We have packed the bags, and the car seat. We are ready for whenever he decides to come.

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