Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is the world really going to end?

Is the world going to end this year? That is a hard question to answer, isn’t it. Well I guess it’s basicly yes or no, but do you have the proof to prove it? For my writing I will search the web to find out “is the World going to end?

Who should I believe? Is it or is it not,  there is one site in particular that says the world is going to end.  It hooked me in like this “Apparently, the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. Yes, you read correctly” and so on, it goes on to saying you should prepare and do the things that you wanted to but were too scared to do.

But before you leave, listen to what else I found on the world not ending. We as the people of Earth don’t know how and when the world is going to end. So the Earth may one day end but surely not now.

Wow! There many good reasons not to believe the world is going to end, but there is also a reason why the Earth  may not end. After all the information I’ve read my conclusion and my thoughts are the world is not going to end.

There is one special thanks I’d like to make and that is to Tui for reading this. She believes that the world is not going to end. Here is a link to here blog please read some of her post.

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