Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who Inspires Me?

When you’re little you meet people who inspires you. Like for example some little boys look up to Superman or Spiderman.The whole point of this is who do I look up too, who inspires me to be my best.

Thinking about this is difficult there are a few people who inspire me. My Mum, Dad and other siblings. But thinking about this all, I know that my mother has been there and supports me even tho I make alot and I MEAN ALOT of mistakes.

Have you heard brown brother by Joshua? It’s really inspiring, even tho I’m not brown it is still inspiring.Because of his speech he has been heard throughout New Zealand. If you haven't Watched or heard Brown brother, here is the link.

Thanks to tui for reading this. She is a not a good friend. Please take a look at her blog and comment. Here is the link.

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