Monday, October 15, 2012

Toy story

The start of the term has arrived with excitement. Not knowing what the topic is left me clueless... “What could it be?” I asked my self.

Walking thru the breeze with Tui we see “Toy story”on a blackboard. “TOY STORY!” I say to her, unsure. We look at each other “Hmmm is it the movie?” She replied. We walked to class and saw Mr barks with blond hair and a sign around his neck saying ”Have you seen barbie?” By the time Tui and I saw that we said out loud “Ken” Barbie's boyfriend.

Our topic “Toy story” isn’t the movie! it is the memories that you had with your toys or the teddy bear that you cuddle at night.

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  1. Hey Jasmine I like your story I like the bit saying Mr barks with blond hair I think you could put in how you feel about having toy story for the topic


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