Friday, May 10, 2013

I Am Angel

I can’t believe it I want’ to scream and shout and let it all out for our special visitor. He is known worldwide and has sang/rapped with other stars.His recent album has gone platinum here in New Zealand. He has donated $100.000 to the manaiakalani trust foundation to go towards more technology. Isn’t that great? He is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever meet, He wasn’t raised up in a rich neighborhood and his dream was to look after his mum and now he has that power to  look after her. Do you know who I’m talking about?, yes the one and only from the black eyed peas came to Pt england school. He was welcomed by the prefects as they showed him to his seat. Vivienne walked up to the mich and said a Tongan Prayer, after her was Patrick greeting him in Maori. Kapa haka walked up and sang a waiata and then the boys went up front and did a haka. Vivienne came up and welcomed the next act, Hip Hop. They performed with mana and courage to Can’t hold us back by macklemore and Ryan Lewis. presented our cluster of schools with a huge check of $100.000. He told us about his own charity called I am angle.He received a green stone to show he is always welcome to our school. He is now part of our Pt England whanui. even got to tour around our school with Mr Burt!  

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