Thursday, May 23, 2013


Body mass index (BMI). If a person’s BMI is over 30 they are considered obese. If your BMI is between 25%-29.9% you’re overweight. People need to aim for a healthy weight and a good BMI.

When you're obese you are not able to exercise and do normal daily things. Obesity is caused by eating too much junk food and not exercising. Obesity is a serious disease, that has claimed the lives of many old and young people.

Obesity is growing in America. 1/3 of people are obese in America. Evansville, Indiana is the most obese state in America. Obesity can cause health problems like heart attacks, heart disease, short breathe, shorter life expectancy and much more.

Heart attack Grill is a burger shop and is located in Phoenix, America. Buyers are waited on by scantily clad nurses. The menu serves Single, Double, Triple and even Quadruple Bypass Burger. They do sell fries called “flatliner fries.” These are fried in lard. To wash it all down you’re served a butter-fat shake. If you weigh 350 pounds you eat for free. The spokesperson was 29 years old when he passed away. After he passed away they got a new spokesperson to replace him.  

Obesity can be prevented.  With a healthy diet and exercise you  will lose weight. This will help you in the future to become a healthier person.

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  1. Hi Jasmine, I found your report on Obesity really interesting. I cant believe the Burger Bar called Heartt Attack Grill is allowed to open. It is important to eat healthy food and exercise so then you can have some cool treats like Mac Donalds or fish and chips. I think life is all about moderation. I am really proud of you for attending KFC and trying to get fitter for netball.....I wish all my netball girls were doing it..... :) we might have to see if we can all start attending KFC together as a team.
    Ms Eadie


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